Preston Environmental Solutions, LLC is a wastewater treatment facility dedicated to reliable treatment of wastewater at a reasonable cost, utilizing environmentally friendly methods that will ensure environmental compliant and safe operations. We will also maintain a friendly, fair and create work environment which respects diversity, new ideas and hard work.

Preston Environmental Solutions, LLC began operations in 2014 and is woman owned and operated. The wastewater treatment plant is permitted, designed and operated in conformance with the standards for Centralized Wastewater Treatment Facility at 40 CFR 437.The major parts of the plant include a pre-treatment unit, equalization, biological reactor, dissolved air floatation (DAF) and tertiary filtration. Non-hazardous wastewaters treated at the facility include wastewater from used oil operation, gray and black wastewater, non-hazardous leachate, tank bottoms, wastewater from remedial operation, water passing TCLP analysis, wastewater from equipment cleaning operations and storm water from petroleum storage areas.

Centralized Wastewater Treatment
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In House Lab

In House Lab

Preston Environmental Solutions (PES) collects samples from all customers for analysis. Upon Profile approval, PES is allowed to treat wastewater into facility.

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